East Coast Religious Education

 Useful Websites

I am forever seeing useful websites on training courses and thinking to myself 'I'll have a look at that when I get home', only to completely forget the address, what it was called, or even which course I saw it on!

Hopefully this page will allow us to put all of those useful sites together in one place. Let us know if you have a site to include by using the 'Contact Us' page. 

 General Information


The National Society pages provide a wealth of information for teachers and school leaders. 


Diocese of Norwich training pages.  


This site provides a child friendly overview of many of the main world religions. 


This site provides a useful overview of many world religions for teachers or older children.



This page contains ideas and resources for Christian lessons. 


This page contains ideas and resources for lessons exploring the beliefs of the Christian faith.


This is a great place to find inspirational video clips based around bible stories and psalms. A good way to get children and adults to reflect. 


Simple retellings of many bible stories in modern English. 


This site gives access to Christian themed resources including good posters and assembly packs to buy.


Psalms for Kids is a good resource if you are wanting to retell psalms in a language that children will understand.